House: the toilet floor

Our builder came around yesterday and fixed the toilet floor – just under $800, all up, and he told us that both the floorboards and the bearers underneath were completely rotted. That part of the house is on a concrete slab foundation; god only knows how and when and why water was getting in, or whatever it was that makes floorboards rot, but I’m very glad it’s fixed now.

… though the new patch of sturdy floor does make the rest of the house seem very wonky in comparison.

I had a bit of a whine to my dad on the phone on Tuesday, all about how I feel like we’ve achieved NOTHING and progress is so slow and horrible and my house is crappy and WOE. WOE. He very kindly made comforting noises at me and then said we should get a pot of paint and do the fronts of the kitchen cupboards over summer if we want to make the house feel a little bit more Ours without spending too much money.

And I know intellectually that we really haven’t lived here very long at all – less than 10 months – and when I list all the things we’ve done, it’s actually quite respectable. I keep looking round the garden and thinking it’s terrible, but I’ve almost entirely forgotten how overgrown and neglected it was when we bought the place. And although we’re frankly awful at mowing the lawns, we’ve actually done a damned good job of the destructive part of gardening: the removal of the Hedge was a massive task conducted with an axe and a pair of long-handled shears, and we’ve trimmed the trees on the south lawn and removed that whole patch by the shed. As for the inside of the house: it’s been winter and cold, and while we’ve been kind of slack at home repair ourselves, we have spent about $8K on the place so far, what with all the window repairs and the toilet floor and all the little tradespeople callouts and minor improvements.

Ugh. I really want to get something concrete done over the summer; I think probably sanding and painting the sunroom windowframes (currently Zombie Snot Green) shiny white, and then rehanging the (still decent) curtains on repaired curtain rails, becuase that’s a reasonably small project that will still be a distinct improvement. IDK.


2 thoughts on “House: the toilet floor

  1. I know I’ve only visited once but I thought your place had a really great vibe and a lot of character. Like I know that’s not all that helpful but the photos you’ve posted of the outside and all the stuff you’ve posted about here make it seem like you’re doing a LOT? So.

  2. I do really really like my house – it’s just, living in it, you notice the little stupid things about it; like, there’s this terrible patch of flooring in the doorway to Field’s room, and there are bits of wood that have been randomly nailed up to the wall in the living room (honestly probably to hide cracks in the gibbing), and blah blah blah. We’re being TOTALLY SENSIBLE and spending all our cash on repairs and maintenance and sorting structural/wiring/plumbing shit out, and that’s all very well and good, but it also means it feels like we’re pouring money down a black hole and getting NOTHING BACK.

    (though I suppose being able to stand on all parts of my toilet floor is a distinct improvement.)

    (and thank you for being complementary about our house!)

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