Garden: photographs

I had plans to be super-organised and study for an upcoming exam today, but found myself eating chips at my desk at work and daydreaming instead; and it’s a lovely day, so I caught a ride back home with Field, who was coming back from church. At least I managed to motivate myself enough to hang out the washing for the first time in weeks (it’s mostly been raining on the weekends, but today is LOVELY).

Anyway, I talked so much about the Hedge of Doom, but never posted any photographs of it.

Here’s the original Hedge in all its glory, looking from the lawn on the north side of the house. I’m pretty sure I took this photo not long after we moved in; the compost bin was one of the first things we bought.

And here’s the same Original Hedge, from the backyard near the washing line. We’d obviously done some section clearing when this photograph was taken; we pruned the Purple Glory bush and the camellia the day we took possession, so as to be able to walk up the path up the side of the house without getting hit in the face by branches, and I think at this point I’d done a little bit of Hedge Removal, plus we’d chopped off a few tree branches that were interfering with the washing line. But there is still a lot of Hedge to go:

Here’s the view from the north lawn as of a few weekends ago. The stumps of Hedge got further chopped back yesterday by way of a chainsaw, but this is pretty much how it looks at the moment:

And from the backyard:

I am so pleased that it’s gone, though as you can see we have a LOT of work ahead of us.


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