House and garden: a productive day

For a number of reasons that do not need exploring at this moment, the house has been really quite untidy for the last little while. But we’d arranged to have friends of Field’s mum round this afternoon to take away all the firewood under the house (the fireplace in the living room has a bookcase and the TV in front of it. We have priorities), and Friends Of One’s Mother obviously need to see a tidy house – one that does not have fifteen craft projects piled up in front of the couch, or drifts of hair on the carpet.

So we spent the morning cleaning, and now the house looks about as ship-shape as it ever does (which is not to say we’re suddenly living the minimalist dream: we have far too many books and teapots for that).

Work on the windows is officially complete, and I am really really pleased at the lack of drafts in my bedroom, not to mention the simple joy in being able to safely open all the windows in the rest of the house. And the bathroom window no longer needs a hairtie on a screw to keep it shut.

As for the garden: Field’s mum’s friends did come round with their trailer, and took away all the firewood. They also chainsawed a couple of stumps and took those away, so the garden is looking very very bare but (dare I say it) good – or at least in a good place to start work in the spring. Field also pulled a whole bunch of rotting cardboard out from the crawlspace under the living room (why, previous residents, WHY?), so we can get a plumber in at some point soon to see if he can discover a reason for the inexplicable damp spot on the living room carpet (it’s definitely not coming from the ceiling).

I also removed the annoying carpet rug from under my desk and we’ve stashed it in the broom closet pending the next run to the Salvation Army – it’s been bugging me for months – and we’ve got quite a lot of washing done. There are chickpeas slowly cooking on the stove, and sometime in the next hour we’ll go and start dealing to the pumpkin so we can have pumpkin and chickpea soup. \o/ winter.


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