House: windows

Our windows are very nearly all repaired. I’m fairly sure the only ones to go are my south-facing window (small, drafty) and one of the ones in the sunroom (north-facing, large, drafty). Our builder has reused hardware where that’s been possible – that’s what we’d asked for – and having gone to Bunnings for screws and draft-stoppers this afternoon I’m very glad we made that decision because window latches are surprisingly expensive.

Most excitingly, this is the new toilet window:

From Synced online

I get a happy little thrill every time I look at it. I never got around to taking a photo of what used to be there, but suffice to say it was a sheet of glass slightly too big for the hole, so that from the outside you could see the bottom of the internal windowframe through it. It didn’t open, which is a slight deficiency in a toilet window, in my opinion, and had clearly been installed by someone On The Cheap.

And here is a photo of the living room, missing the windowsill and the gib, and with the new shiny (non-rotting) framing in place.

Note the plug on the bottom, and how it’s coming up through the floor, because:

It’s still coming up through the floor with our new shiny windowsill and gib installed, because our builder is Not An Electrician and That’s Where The Wires Were. This is actually all good from my point of view – we didn’t ask him to move it, and it would’ve cost more, but it does make me giggle a bit.

So: everything is coming up Less Drafty in the home of Field and Hazel.

Aside from that, today has been an errands kind of day – Bunnings, the library, the butchers, and the supermarket. I’ve got a pot of beef stock simmering away on the stove, and tonight we’ll make some kind of soup with it and then watch Grand Designs on TV while hemming things and/or knitting. Possibly with a crochet rug over our laps.


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