Monthly Archives: May 2012

House and garden: pile o’leaves

In the two weeks since the Hedge came down, Field and I have done precisely nothing about the great pile of dead greenery on the lawn. It’s not that neither of us have wanted to, but there’s been lots else happening.

First there was a fuse drama – it turns out the plugs in the kitchen will not support a dryer, a dehumidifier, a washing machine, and a kettle and toaster all running at the same time. We did try replacing the fuse – they’re the old style where you have to turn off the mains, pull out the fuse, and replace the fuse wire – several times on the first evening, but we apparently had too-thin fuse wire (which is better than the opposite, for sure). This was fixed the next day by a trip to Bunnings, where we also bought a curry plant and some borage, as yet unplanted and still sitting in their cardboard box from two weekends ago.

And we got more paving stones to edge the garden with, which does somehow make it look more finished even though we haven’t mown the lawn for about six weeks and it looks vaguely disgraceful in our middle-class suburban neighbourhood.

On the home front, our builder came back with a quote to get the windows fixed and we’ve accepted that, so hopefully work will start soonish and we’ll have airtight windows for the winter (I am REALLY looking forward to this). After that, we’re weighing up seeing how much it’ll cost to get all the cracks in the stucco repaired versus getting the rewiring done; it’s probably smart to do the stucco repairs before the rewiring, seeing as that’ll make the house properly watertight (we hope).

Meanwhile, I have learned to make stock, half-made a sloppy at-home cardigan, plotted out a couple of knitting projects, and read a bunch of trashy young adult supernatural romances. The summer duvet has come off my bed and been replaced by my winter one, and on some nights I’m needing a blanket too. Winter is coming, and it brings with it casseroles and stews and soups and roasts and sticky puddings, all of which make delightful next-day work lunches.