Garden: the edge is here

Most of the hedge is now no longer attached to the trunk. However, it’s still on our section, taking up more space than it did when it was a WALL OF DOOM. It is slowly collapsing, though, and we plan to get it Mulched By Professionals at some point in the near future.

Meanwhile, we bought a new pair of telescopic loppers today, and they’re a significant step up from the old pair – not just because they have 2 handles! They’re racheted, which really does make a difference when you’re trying to cut through the thicker bits of hedge, and the handles are a lot comfier. And the button to extend each arm is right by where you hold them, so you don’t have to let go to extend the arms. 😀

We also got a pruning saw: A++ would cut things again! and an outdoor rubbish bin.

Most importantly, we bought 40 paving stones and have edged almost all of the planted-by-us garden – it turns out we needed slightly more than 40 paving stones, but that’s about all that would comfortably fit in the car anyway. It’s made a big difference to the garden – it looks much nicer and more finished now. The next step is to dig them in – they’re just plopped in place at the moment.

I plan to get the un-weeded part of the garden weeded in the next couple of days, and we might attack the hedge some more. Also I rather want a hydrangea.


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