House: tiny improvements

Last night, the toilet seat – which was cracked when we moved in – gave up the ghost and split down the middle during a late night “I wish I hadn’t had all those cocktails and then that cheese” head-in-bowl session. Whoops.

And so today Field and I went to Mitre 10. We had gift cards – a christmas present from my Mum, mostly – and a plan: a new, unbroken, loo seat. Alas, the first Mitre 10 we went to only had a display model of the kind we wanted (sturdy plastic, a pleasing shape as these things go), and so we got sent off to Mitre 10 Paramata.

… and got lost on the way.

We ended up at the Palmers in Plimmerton, which is right next to a display of lovely solid wooden outdoor furniture. And we have vowed that should we find ourselves availed of a spare $2000 (not looking likely anytime soon) we will buy ourselves a very solid wooden table and 4 bench seats to go on the patio, and we will sit out there and eat dinner/drink many, many glasses of wine while wailing at the state of the garden. At the Palmers, we only bought a cyclamen (Field wanted one for the loo).

The people at Palmers very helpfully gave us directions to Mitre 10 Paramata, and so off there we went to pick up our loo seat and also inspect the garden sheds and choose a mat for the front door so we can scrape our shoes off once the weather turns to crap. And I came home and cleaned the loo and installed the new seat (with a little help from Nish, who is staying until she leaves the city) and lo! it is comfortable (as these things go).

The cyclamen will get installed on a saucer on the windowsill at some point in the next day or so, and the only thing that room now needs is a magazine rack. And maybe a spare loo roll holder.



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