Garden: the very beginnings

Last weekend, Field’s little brother came round to dig us a couple of patches of garden before he moved to Auckland. We’d bought the plants the week before (protip: don’t do this) so they were all looking a little sad when we eventually got them into the ground, but a week of assiduous watering and a bit of rain has almost all of them perked up and growing.

We’ve started with herbs and leafy greens, because these are things that are easy to grow and good to have in a garden. The only flowers we’ve got are nasturtiums (also edible) and lobelia (just pretty). And it’s already proved worthwhile buying a decent-sized rosemary to start off with: we cut a stalk tonight and chucked it in with the roast veges. Hopefully in a few more weeks we’ll be able to eat some of the leafy greens.

Field also took the opportunity to prune the bottom couple of metres of pohutukawa, and I pulled some ivy, and together we removed almost all of a small tree which was a) ugly and b) in a ridiculous place. We’re really going to need to get a move on and decide what we’re doing to get rid of the large mound of garden waste cluttering up the backyard – and then actually do it.


What else? We had a terrible week of the world’s worst shower pressure; it got so bad that Field decided she’d take to having baths. Her doing this somehow magically fixed the shower pressure, and it’s back to being what anyone would call reasonable – a good thing, because we were having conversations about whether the wiring was, in fact, more important than sorting out the plumbing (yes, in terms of safety; no, in terms of quality of life).

We’ve also hung about half the art. We need to get a drill to do the rest (we borrowed one off friends for the first week or so but then gave it back; now we have one on order from FlyBuys), and we’re still in discussions about where stuff is going.

And there’s only a few empty boxes to get rid of – and some polystyrene.

And I rearranged the shed so stuff is easier to get to.


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