House: all the tradespeople ever OMG

We moved in a week ago, and since then I have been occupied by organising tradespeople – one each working day this week. We’ve had the cat door installed, and one of the cats left through it a couple of days ago and has not been seen since (this happened the last time we moved too, so I’m not very concerned yet); the locksmith came to change all the locks because we were provided with one key for the back door when we took possession (all the keys to the front doors having been lost somewhere in the mists of time); and today the electrician came.

And we need to rewire.

This is not exactly a surprise: all the powerpoints here are ANCIENT and the lights are on pull-cord switches because we could afford Tawa or wall switches but not both. Nevertheless, it’s a bit disconcerting to hear an electrician tell you that the main fuse is corroding.

So I’m pretty sure that’s going to be the Big Project for this year, as soon as we can get the money together.

Other stuff we need to do is:
– getting a few minor plumbing things sorted (which is hopefully getting done tomorrow – at least, a plumber is booked, but we might get bumped for an emergency)
– getting all the windows that open rehung, and a couple of them rebuilt because they’re currently held together with braces and screws
– getting a few of the windowpanes reglazed, because they’re cracked
– getting the shed roof, door frame, and door replaced (the door frame is completely fucked; the door is in the shed but not currently attached to it; and the shed roof has visible holes)

And then we move on to exciting but non-urgent things like:
– investigating the cost/possibility of moving onto gas hot water, which would mean that the existing hot water cupboard could be turned into an awesome pantry – and that in turn would mean the existing food cupboards above the bench could be pulled out, giving us much more useable bench space
– investigating the cost/possibility of turning the existing shed (which is concrete block) into a laundry, thus meaning in time we could completely redo the kitchen and make it AWESOME
– insulating and regibbing the entire motherfucking house because, like, panels in the living room ceiling are visibly bowed from back when the roof was leaking badly
– replacing the cracked-as-all-hell concrete path/carpad outside the front door, for great justice (and also because it’s one of those things that would REALLY improve the look of the house)
– all the gardening ever

Welcome to home ownership, I guess!


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